Go Team Venture!


Three weeks ago Rachel and I boarded an aeroplane. Destination: Laos! Well, metaphorically anyway. More accurately, we were flying to Adelaide, home of the famous Adelaide Oval and the chic, cosmopolitan Rundle Mall. Unfortunately these exciting sights and sounds would have to wait, we had a tight schedule to keep and briefings to attend. Our real purpose in Adelaide was to attend a week long conference for the February, 2016 intake of Australian volunteers. If all goes well, by the end of May we will have moved to Laos and to begin assisting an agricultural research program.

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Before long, the conference came to a close. Facebook friends were added, goodbyes given. Some new friends will be seen again when we head over in May. The rest, travelling to a variety of Pacific and Asian countries, we will likely never see again. Now, back home in Zeehan, notice has been given to work and the real estate. Items for sale have been listed on Facebook and Gumtree. The last few vaccine injections have been administered. In a few weeks, most of our possessions will be sold or donated and the Falcon packed with the bare essentials for the long drive back to Brisbane.

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