Want some Kandy?


Mothers day is fast approaching and I thought it would be appropriate to post some lovely orchid photos we saw at the Royal Botanical Gardens on our recent trip to Sri Lanka. The gardens are located about 6km from Kandy which took us maybe 30 minutes on a very cheerfully decorated local bus (complete with Indian pop music selected by the bus conductor as a soundtrack).  I have no idea if these orchids are unique or special in any way, they just look pretty.

The rest of the gardens were quite nice as well, with open lawns, large trees, an enormous Flying Fox colony, monkeys and dozens of young Sri Lankan couples canoodling under the trees (honestly, they were everywhere, you would almost trip over them).

The gardens are huge and obviously employ a lot of staff as we accidentally stumbled across the staff kitchen. Feeling peckish, I wandered in and got a few curry pastries and the local ginger beer (as good as a Bundaberg Ginger Beer!). As the only whiteys we even got table service by the cheerful kitchen staff! Anyway, enough of my rambling, more orchid photos:

2 thoughts on “Want some Kandy?

  1. Hi Damo,

    Awesome photos and I respect yours and Mrs Damo style of botting some free feed in the staff cafeteria. Respect!

    Your side story about the canoodling in the gardens reminded me of Edinburgh Gardens on Valentines day. the gardens are huge and old and they are located in the suburb of Fitzroy North in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Anyway, one Valentines day Mrs Chris and I went for a walk with the dogs through the gardens and far out – all of the couples had staked out a small claim in the gardens and because garden and grass space was tight the couples were in a giant grid pattern. It was uncanny and I doubt anyone noticed or maybe they all pretended not to notice!



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